Biocompatible Dentistry

At Taneff Family Dentistry, we believe that genuine good health is the result of a balanced life. The evidence of the connection between general and oral health continues to grow. The link between dental issues and an imbalance elsewhere in the body is a valid one, just as issues elsewhere in the body could be caused by problems in the mouth. Genuine good health can only be achieved in the presence of excellent oral health, and vice versa.

At our practice, we fully embrace the positive effects that Biocompatible Dentistry has on ones whole being. We have your health as our first priority. Because of this, there are certain treatments and procedures that we do not perform, such as mercury amalgam fillings and fluoride therapy. We take into account your whole health when we consider the most beneficial treatment for your particular situation. Each treatment plan is individually tailored and will be thoroughly discussed with you. Treatment will not proceed until you are fully informed of all options and are comfortable with your decision.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about Biocompatible Dentistry and how we incorporate it everyday at our practice.
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